Our Regular Clients

Nobody has been more important to us than our regular clients. Today, there are more than 400 of them from Atlantic City, NJ to West Palm Beach, FL, with anywhere from 30-70 of them on the schedule at any one time.

Usually, regular clients stay regular clients for one reason: To keep their boat bottoms clean and clear of barnacles and oysters. These invertebrates have amazingly accelerated growth patterns here in the Lowcountry because of a massive average 8.4-foot tide. This tide – which sometimes can swing from high to low as much as 11 feet – creates incredible currents. These currents stir the local soil and make our waters full of nutrients and food sources which encourage marine life – especially filter feeders like barnacles and oysters.

What’s this mean? Well… It means that if you have a boat in the water, within weeks you will either no longer be able to get your boat to go any faster than a few knots (in some cases not even as fast as the current is running) or… You call a diver to clean the bottom. That’s where we come in.

Bottom cleaning is a tedious, arm-breaking, nasty job – but we are equipped to do it and have an excellent reputation. Regular clients are charged only $3.99 per foot, plus a base $25 for the service call.

If the boat has not been regularly cleaned and has become badly fouled, then our prices are still the best in the business... Although higher than a boat that is regularly cleaned. Of course, a written estimate will be given to you and we will wait for your approval before commencing work.

Payment with us is very easy… We take cash, checks, and all major credit cards. On completion of the work, you will be invoiced by email unless you request otherwise. Payment online through your invoice is easiest, but you can mail us a check too or even pay one of our divers "on the spot."

We are thrilled to provide references if you would like to talk to any of our clients – who include the US Coast Guard at Tybee Island, many of our local shrimpers and fishermen, and lots of private clients who simply enjoy their personal boats. Email us at Divers@DeepSouthDivers.org and we will be thrilled to put you in contact with any number of them.

They say great things about us - and we want you to, also. See you on the water!

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